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WPC - Committee to Review the Structure
of Securities Regulation in Canada
Research Studies


The debate regarding securities regulatory structure in Canada typically has not been informed by robust empirical analysis and has suffered from a lack of current data on its central issues.

Therefore I was pleased to be appointed on behalf of the Capital Markets Institute as the Research Director for the WPC Committee to Review the Structure of Securities Regulation in Canada, to implement the Committee's research program. I believe that the debate on Canada's securities regulatory structure will be enhanced by the research studies published with the Report of the Committee. They represent comprehensive and rigorous new work by respected independent academics and consulting firms from Canada, the United States, Australia and the European Union. In addition to their consideration of numerous public submissions and extensive public consultations, the Committee's Report reflects its members' careful consideration of the researchers' analysis and conclusions.

This research could not have been completed in a remarkably compressed timeframe without the Committee's support of its research program. More obviously, these studies could not have been produced without the dedication and sacrifice of the researchers. Each of them undertook their work with enthusiasm and diligence in spite of conflicting personal and professional demands. The body of research is a testament to their individual commitment to advancing our collective knowledge relating to Canadian capital markets.

A. Douglas Harris

Assistant Professor
University of Toronto Faculty of Law
Director, Capital Markets Institute
University of Toronto

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Table of Contents

1.Constitutional Opinions 
  a. Ogilvy Renault PDF | HTML
  b. Torys LLP PDF | HTML
  c. Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP PDF | HTML
2 Gordon Boissonneault, The Relationship between Financial Markets and Economic Growth: Implications for Canada PDF | HTML
3 Joel Seligman, The United States Federal-State Model of Securities Regulation PDF | HTML
4 Karel Lannoo and Mattias Levin, Securities Market Regulation in the EU: The Relation Between the Community and Member States PDF | HTML
5 Ralph Simmonds and Ray Da Silva Rosa, The Impact of Federalising Securities Regulation in Australia: A View from the Periphery PDF | HTML
6 Poonam Puri, Local and Regional Interests in the Debate on Optimal Securities Regulatory Structure PDF | HTML
7 Douglas Cumming, Aditya Kaul and Vikas Mehrotra, Provincial Preferences in Private Equity PDF | HTML
8 Douglas Cumming, Aditya Kaul and Vikas Mehrotra, Fragmentation and the Canadian Stock Markets PDF | HTML
9 Mary Condon, The Use of Public Interest Enforcement Orders by Securities Regulators in Canada PDF | HTML
10 Charles River Associates, Securities Enforcement in Canada: The Effect of Multiple Regulators PDF | HTML
11 Anita Anand and Peter Klein, The Costs of Compliance in Canada's Securities Regulatory Regime PDF | HTML